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Yakov Dik Yakovlevich, chief of Stud Farm

«Akhal-Teke M&D Republic of Kazakhstan» Stud Farm is the one of the biggest farms in Kazakhstan on breeding horses of the pure akhalteke breed. It was established in 1999 by the Meirambekov and Dick families on the territory of the former kolkhoz stable which is situated in the picturesque apple garden of the Alatau submountaine.

In 2006 the farm prefix «M&D RK» was registered at the International Akhalteke Association which means “Meirambekov and Dick Republic of Kazakhstan”.

Kadyrbek Meirambekov
The Akhalteke Association of Kazakhstan was founded in 2000 on the initiative of stud farm owners and horse-owners of the Kazakhstan and under the auspices of Tatiana Ryabova. Kadyrbek Meirambekov has been elected as the President of the Akhalteke Association of Kazakhstan.

From 2001 «Akhal-Teke» Stud Farm actively participating at the preparation and conducting of the Annual Kazakhstan Championship “Absent” on the akhalteke breed exhibition.

At present there are 12 sires and 25 breeding mares at the «Akhal-Teke» Stud Farm. The stock breeding is conducted with 8 lines: Sovkhoz II, Kaplan, Fakirpelvan, Posman, Arab, Sere, Gelishikli and a new Gundogar line.

The mares of stud farm belong to the 10 lines: Sovkhoz II, Fakirpelvan, Posman, Arab, Sere, Gelishikli, Gundogar, Peren, Everdy Teleke, Dor Bayram and to the 14 families: Fantin, Ayirma, Temmi, Pel, Chal Kuyruk, Mina, Keymirchi, Alasu, Meledepel, Dursungul, Tciganka, Krasavitca Turkmenii and Kalka Sen.

The main selection target of the akhalteke horses is to preserve the unique akhalteke type with all their natural individuality. The champions Tatiana Tekinskaya, Altyn-Tay, Anna, Ay-Teke, Aylem were born and raised at the «Akhal-Teke» Stud Farm.